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About Us

Long Island Business Institute

Long Island Business Institute has a diverse student body, serving graduates of local high schools as well as older adults returning to school to gain the skills needed for the modern business and legal workplace. The acclaimed court reporting programs are offered at both campuses. Our Flushing campus reflects the great diversity of the Queens community it serves, including a large number of recent immigrants from East Asia, the Caribbean, South America and elsewhere, who take advantage of the campus’s extensive English as a Second Language course offerings. Business and office degree programs are the most popular at the Flushing Campus. About 42% of students attend school at night, and many come directly from their places of employment. Instructors at LIBI are highly trained and experienced. Most have master’s degrees in their fields or have achieved advanced certification. Many have worked, or are currently working, in business and industry and provide students with an insider’s perspective on the career field in which they teach. All are sensitive to student needs and ready to go the extra mile to ensure success.

Message From The President

Dear NewStudent,

Congratulations for making one of life’s most important decisions- continuing your education. Selecting the right college is not an easy endeavor, and I am very pleased that you have decided to entrust the Long Island Business Institute with your future. On behalf of the faculty and staff, I welcome you to LIBI. This catalog is your guide to the academic programs at LIBI: inside you will find the requirements you must meet, and you can read about the many services LIBI offers to support you on your way to graduation. Please study this catalog carefully and refer to it often. If you have any questions, please meet with your academic advisor, the program director in your chosen field of study, or one of your faculty members. We are all here to help you! At Long Island Business Institute, we proudly make our students the college’s top priority. You will receive individual, personalized attention from faculty and staff committed to supporting both your academic and career aspirations. You will be taught by faculty who combine excellent teaching skills with real-world, practical experience in their fields of expertise, and you will have a full range of easily accessible support services. All our programs consist of carefully designed curriculum that will help our graduates remain competitive in a rapidly-changing, global market place. Long Island Business Institute is known for educational excellence and the delivery of unique training programs that help prepare students to enter the workforce. Very soon you, too, will join the ranks of our successful alumni. Once again, welcome!


Monica Foote