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Service Members

Federal Military, Veterans, & Family Member Services

The Veterans Administration requires veterans to have a Student Education Plan (SEP) that lists required coursework for their program of study.

Since this plan is an important component of your VA benefits and your academic success in college, you are required to see the Director of Student Affairs and Veterans Services to discuss your specific program of study prior to registering for any classes at LIBI. The Director will gauge your interests and aspirations through a personal discussion with you to make sure you are aware of the coursework associated with the program you have selected. The purpose of this meeting is to also answer any questions you may have about LIBI and to ensure that you are clear about the requirements you will have to fulfill in order to graduate.

Before a SEP can be developed, all official transcripts must be received by the College in order to have your prior credits evaluated.

Please be sure to schedule a meeting with the Director of Student Affairs and Veterans Services at least once per term and anytime you drop/add a class or withdraw from a course. Failure to do so may result in processing delays of your benefits; thus delays in payments to you. To ensure accurate processing of military paperwork, it is YOUR responsibility to inform the Director of Student Affairs and Veterans Service of your enrollment and/or any changes to your enrollment each semester.

If needed, the Director of Student Affairs and Veterans Services has housing, employment, medical, educational, and mental health resources that are available to better assist you. The Director of Student Affairs and Veteran Services advises all students who are activeduty service members, reservists, members of the National Guard, veterans, and military families. Upon successfullygaining admission to LIBI, students who are SERVICE MEMBERS, VETERANS, SPOUSES, and OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS, and are also receiving funding from Federal military and veterans educational benefits programs, including benefits programs provided by the Post-9/11 GI Bill and the Tuition Assistance Program, must meet with the Director of Student Affairs and Veteran Services. The Director provides information regarding all of the benefits available to this group of students and continues to assist them with any other problems encountered while attending LIBI.

Active-duty service members, reservists, members of the National Guard, veterans, and members of their family who receive funding under Federal military and veterans educational benefits will be scheduled for one-on-one meetings with the Director of Student Affairs and Veteran Services in addition to the individual meetings with the representatives of the Admissions and Financial Aid departments.

The Director will:

  • help clarify the total cost of the educational program, including tuition and fees the prospective student is considering;
  • clarify the amount of tuition costs that will be covered by Federal educational benefits (initially provided to the prospective student by LIBI’s Financial Aid office); help clarify the type and amount of financial aid the prospective student may qualify for;
  • ensure that the prospective student understands the estimated student loan debt upon graduation, if any;
  • provide the prospective students with information about student outcomes (including graduation rates and placement information);
  • provide the prospective student with any other information to facilitate comparison of LIBI to other relevant educational institutions;
  • provide educational plans for all individuals using Federal military and veterans educational benefits that detail how they will fulfill all the requirements necessary to graduate and the expected timeline of completion.

Once enrolled, LIBI will provide assistance with the V.A. application process and requirements for entering students eligible for VA education benefits including veterans, reservists, National Guard and dependents. Whenever feasible, LIBI will assist with the resolution of pay/benefit issues with the VA Regional Office. Students using VA education benefits are eligible for bill deferment based on expected VA education benefits.

Veterans With Disabilities

To further assist service member and veteran students and their families with the successful completion of their studies, once the student enrolls, the Director of Student Affairs and Veteran Services will designate and identify all staff members who will be the student’s point of contact for academic advising, financial aid inquiries, disability services, tutoring and job placement. Although the Registrar is the point of contact for access to disability services, those requiring, or requesting, disability accommodations should also alert the Director of Student Affairs and Veterans Services. Both offices will provide students with information about disability documentation, classroom accommodations, and program access.
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College Credit for Military Experience

LIBI uses American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations to determine the
applicability of military service experience to the courses offered at LIBI. All transfer credit for military service will be based on specific equivalencies, as determined by the head of the appropriate academic department (or designee) at LIBI. Students who are active-duty service members, reservists, members of the National Guard, and veterans can:

  • take the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) to prove proficiency in a subject area;
  • submit Excelsior College exams, DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests);
  • or provide evidence of evaluated non-college programs, (e.g. American Council on Education (ACE) evaluations of military training.

Students who believe they may be able to qualify for advanced standing or college credit because of their military service experience should speak to the Registrar as soon as feasible. In order to avoid taking courses which may duplicate the experience you gained in the service, you must have your military transcript evaluated prior to registering for courses in your first semester of study at LIBI. It is also highly recommended that students discuss their military service experience with the Director of Student Affairs and Veterans Services to determine the most expeditious way to receive advanced standing or college credit. For more information about Military Transcripts see the Joint Services Transcript (JST) for Service members and veterans: