LIBI’s College Catalog provides you with useful information and resources covering a wide range of topics related to your program of study. It also provides you with the following:

  • LIBI’s institutional data, such as accreditation, program registration and approval information, description of facilities and locations, and listing of faculty and their credentials.
  • Admissions information and requirements, transfer credit policies and procedures, and proficiency test guidelines.
  • Financial aid information, including contact information for the financial aid departments, as well as regarding tuition and fees, including tuition refund policies.
  • Academic programs offered at LIBI, program objectives and outcomes, and courses required for graduation.
  • Academic standards, including LIBI’S grading system and how to calculate a Grade Point Average (GPA), graduation requirements, re-entry after a leave of absence or withdrawal, and "graduation holds".
  • Student Services information, including advising and tutoring, detailed explanation of satisfactory academic progress, Adult Education Units (AEU), and information about career services.
  • Academic Calendar, outlining semester start dates and holiday schedules.


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